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Firm history

On 23/09/2009, Dream House Law Company Limited was established under Decision No. 41021557 issued by the Department of Justice of Ho Chi Minh City, with the function of : Participate in the proceedings ; Legal advice; Providing legal services, representation outside legal proceedings to carry out work related to the law.

In September 2015, the Board of Directors decided to rename the transaction to DHLaw, and officially use the DHLaw brand in legal consulting activities.

Over nearly 8 years of establishment and development, DHLaw proudly has a team of lawyers, masters of law, experienced legal consultants, enthusiastic, ambitious, dynamic, creative and constantly learning. Ask for professional qualifications to bring the best advice to customers.

Founder of DHLaw – Lawyer, Law Ph.D Le Minh Thai – with the spirit of the rule of law, always consider ethics and ethics as the core to maintain the DHLaw brand. DHLaw always put the trust of customers on the top, committed to bring customers absolute satisfaction


DHLaw’s vision is to become one of the leading legal advisory services firms in Vietnam.


Customer support all legal issues, customer success is our main success.

Operating principle

Independence, trustworthiness, efficiency, objectivity and integrity protect the legal rights and business secrets of customers.
Professional ethics, quality of service and reputation of our customers are the top standards that every DHLaw employee always adheres to.