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Litigation and enforcement

Litigation and enforcement

The Vietnamese court system and its procedures are complex, and it is almost always ill-advised to progress through it alone without legal representation from experienced litigation lawyers.
Litigation and enforcement

Litigation and enforcement

At DHLaw, our litigation team has been singled out by clients as one of the most formidable advocates in the country. Led by two former court judges, our lawyers have represented clients before all major courts of Vietnam and in a broad spectrum of matters. We have an impressive track-record of success, including in high-value bet-the-company litigations where the stakes and pressures are high. Our involvement in multiple landmark cases has also shaped some of Vietnam’s most controversial areas of law.

Our clients have benefited from our broad range of services in our litigation practice, including in:

  • Representing or advising on all stages of the litigation process (including trial, appeal and enforcement);
  • Advising on your legal and factual position in a potential litigation;
  • Preparing you for litigation should you wish to represent yoursel.


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