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Arbitration and litigation

Arbitration and litigation

In addition to the litigation at the Court, as the trend of globalization is widespread, arbitration with its advantages has been chosen by many businesses as an effective means of resolving international disputes.
Arbitration and litigation

Arbitration and litigation

Compared with litigation at the Court, the arbitrator is quicker and more active, so foreign investors favor the use of arbitration as a fast and efficient dispute resolution mechanism. DHLaw with a team of lawyers, dispute resolution arbitrators are individuals experienced in advising and assisting clients in the resolution of disputes at the arbitration.

DHLaw provides a wide range of services in the area of ​​arbitration including:

  • Consulting and selecting arbitrators to settle disputes right at the contract negotiation stage;
  • Represent or advise on all stages of the arbitral proceedings;
  • Procedures for the cancellation or enforcement of arbitral awards;
  • Credit recovery;
  • Drafting or negotiating arbitration agreements.


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