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Dispute Resolution

DHLaw have a team of experienced litigators and knowledge of busisness law. In particular, Mr. Le Minh Thai, lawyer and director of DHLaw has resolved many disputes and resolve business disputes through International Arbitration.
We will provide customers with the solution dispute an effective, flexible, fast and highly realistic in various areas such as internal dispute resolution, disputes in corporate governance, dispute in commercial activities and investment, property issues and international trade.

The services in pre-litigation we provide including :

– Receive profiles and comprehensive assessment of legal and business factors;
– Consulting processes and procedures, measures and solutions to resolve disputes efficiently, rapidly.
– Advice and support for customers in the preparation of papers and documents necessary for the resolution of disputes.
The services in court proceedings and arbitration we provide including :

– Drafting profile lawsuits, filed the petition and carry out other proceedings in court or competent arbitration;
– Participation in court proceedings or arbitration as an authorized representative or lawyer protecting the rights and legitimate interests of the parties.
– Advice and representation for customers to work with agencies and organizations competent in the dispute settlement process effectively and quickly.

Dispute resolution


Dispute resolution involves more than just going to court or international arbitration. In practice, there are often more efficient avenues and in fact, a vast majority of disputes will never reach court or international arbitral proceedings in practice. At DHLaw, our approach is to ensure that our clients’ commercial disputes are resolved in the most time […]

Mediation and conciliation

Mediation and conciliation

The growth of mediation has taken strides across the world as businesses become increasingly aware of its advantages – including its cost and time savings and the preservation of amicable ties. At DHLaw, we place great pride on placing our client’s interest first. Therefore, mediation is usually the first point of call that we recommend […]

Litigation and enforcement

Litigation and enforcement

The Vietnamese court system and its procedures are complex, and it is almost always ill-advised to progress through it alone without legal representation from experienced litigation lawyers. At DHLaw, our litigation team has been singled out by clients as one of the most formidable advocates in the country. Led by two former court judges, our […]

Arbitration and litigation

Arbitration and litigation

In addition to the litigation at the Court, as the trend of globalization is widespread, arbitration with its advantages has been chosen by many businesses as an effective means of resolving international disputes. Compared with litigation at the Court, the arbitrator is quicker and more active, so foreign investors favor the use of arbitration as […]