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DHLaw has a qualified team of lawyers and legal experts, who deeply understand the business practice, especially tax law, and update the new regulation to provide the best advice for the Clients in this area. 



If your enterprise has issues related to the tax and you need to consultant, please contact us. DHLaw has a experienced team of qualified lawyers and legal staffs, who are enthusiastic and confident will help your enterprise easily overcome difficulty. It is easy to solve tax problems quickly, efficiently and in accordance with the law.

DHLaw’s services include:

  • Consultation about preferences in tax for the foreign and domestic companies;
  • Consultation on tax reduction and exemption for companies and individuals;
  • Consultation on Tax law and procedure for company such us: company income tax, special consuming tax, license tax, capital transfer tax, value added tax, foreign comtractor tax, ex/import tax;
  • Consultation on Personal income tax of the Employees;
  • On behalf the Clients, DHLaw will contact the Tax Authority to resolve issues arising out of tax policy and claims;
  • Legal consulting on tax for Merger and Acquistion, Company restructure, divition, consolidation, partnership, share issuance, tax structure and operation in Vietnam for multinationals, financial measurement and Investment structure, transfer pricing analysis.


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