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To penetrate into a new market, merger and acquisition (M&A) or consolidation with domestic companies is the wisest way and a majority of investors prudently use it.
Merger and Acquisition

Merger and Acquisition

DHLaw has developed key expertise in producing innovative solutions in the face of difficult investment decisions. We place huge importance on the strong relationships we build with the clients we assist, from blue chip companies to leading investment banks, and strive to ensure we continue to move your business in the desired direction.

DHLaw offers a full range of services to corporate clients, from information gathering on target companies to the registration of a consolidation, merger, or share purchasing agreement.

Merger and Acquisition (M&A) consulting services include:

  • Purchase or Subscription of Equity;
  • Asset or Business Acquisition;
  • Mergers and Consolidations.

The expert group on Merger and Acquisition of DHLaw grasp firmly of legal knowledge, the bright spots and dark spots of purchasing, consolidation or merger paintings, of foreign investors in Vietnam enterprises.

To merger, consolidation of enterprises in Vietnam, DHLaw would help you:

  • To review the legal characteristics of the object consolidation or merger;
  • To prepare contracts and merger and to ensure safety for investors during the consolidation, merger and after consolidation, merger;
  • To ask for a license for the company that have been consolidated, merged.


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