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In business transactions between partners, it is extremely important to have a strict legal contract, that to meet the interests of the parties. With a team of lawyers specializing in foreign languages, knowledge of the business environment, DHLaw is ready to provide contract consulting services.
Contract consulting services

Contract consulting services

Contract is the law for the parties. In the business transactions, it is very important to draft a contract under the law and mutual benefits of the parties. 

Why businesses should advise the contract?

Businesses need consultants contracted to:

  • Contract feasible and not disabled;
  • To minimize any legal risks in the process of signing and performance of contracts with partners;
  • Ensure maximum legal rights for customers;
  • With the context of economic integration, as in Vietnam today, the consultancy contract the more urgent by the partners in the contract are businessmen overseas professional, if businesses do not want to ‘lose right away home’…

Contract consulting services of DHLaw include:

1. Consulting the general provisions on economic contracts:

  • Subject to the contract trade, service;
  • Advice on effective time of contract;
  • Advising on commercial case service contract null and void and the legal consequences of an invalid contract.

2. Review, revise the economic contract:

 That customers signed, on that basis, timely adjustment or learn from experience

3. Counseling methods economic contracts:

  • Consultation time contract proposal;
  • Advise on change, withdraw, cancel, terminate the contract proposal;
  • Consulting accepted and the deadline to accept an offer contracts.

4. Consulting economic contract negotiations:

Negotiating a contract is very important. DHLaw attorneys help clients negotiate contracts under the most favorable direction for customers.

5. Consulting Economic drafting contracts (consultant basic content of economic contracts):

  • Advice on the economic contract form;
  • Advising on key terms, terms generally, discretionary terms of the contract;
  • Advice on how the agreed quantity, quality, price, payment method;
  • Advice on deadline, place of contract performance;
  • Consult the regulations on the rights and obligations of the participants in the contract;
  • Consulting contract time;
  • Advise on contract violations, sanctions;
  • Advice on modifying the content of the contract, the contract addendum;
  • Consulting and other content related.

6. Advice termination or cancellation of economic contracts:

  • Advice on legal provisions for cases of termination or cancellation of contracts;
  • Advising how to terminate or cancel the contract .

7. Consulting solve economic disputes contract (commercial contract disputes services, business contracts):

  • Consultation procedures resolve contract disputes;
  • Consult dispute mediation talks;
  • Consulting lawsuits resolve contract disputes;
  • Representing clients resolve contract disputes;
  • Protecting the rights of clients in contract disputes.

Committed by DHLaw:

  • This contract is drafted in a professional way;
  • The best legal support required by customers throughout the process of preparing the legal basis, contract drafting, contract evaluation, contracting;
  • Maximize customer benefits within the scope of the law and the specific circumstances;
  • To limit legal risks for customers;
  • Information security.


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