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The state of the economy is growing increasingly volatile, and we understand that commercial strategies do not always go according to plan. In these situations, early intervention or swift advice is paramount to preventing any further financial repercussions.



At DHLaw, we have a long – standing track record of being able to act swiftly in situations of company crisis. Through their engagement with us, clients can be assured that a team of bankruptcy & restructuring lawyers with experience in crisis management will be assigned to quickly devise a strategic solution – no matter how simple or complex. Our bankruptcy practice works closely with our lawyers in M&A, banking, litigation and tax to ensure that companies have access to comprehensive legal expertise to mitigate further financial harm and improve the company’s prospect of recovery.

Our clients have benefited from a broad range of services in our bankruptcy practice, including in:

  • Consulting the enterprise dissolution case;
  • Guide enterprises to implement the order to dissolve the company;
  • Guidelines for conducting meetings of council members/General Assembly of shareholders of the company to pass on the dissolution of the enterprise;
  • Guidance on the decision to dissolve the company;
  • Guide notice dissolved to organizations and individuals involved: the creditor, people have rights, obligations and related benefits, workers;
  • Procedures Publication dissolution;
  • Mode of the liquidation of assets of enterprises;
  • Guidelines procedures tax settlement;
  • Guide procedures for closing tax;
  • Procedures for certification of closed accounts at the bank (if any) or the commitment is not open accounts;
  • Procedure for canceling stamps and pay certificate Seal registration;
  • Procedures pay certificate of business registration (certificate business registration).


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