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Antitrust competition

Antitrust competition

Competition is a fierce race in the economy to find the most effective bussiness solutions and bring the best service to customers. Therefore, the competition is considered as an objective factor necessary in the process of elimiting weak business.
Antitrust competition

Antitrust competition

However, the competiton also presents negative aspect to the economy, one of which is the issue of monopolistic competition. Monopolistic competition is the phenomenon of enterprises have no competitors in the relevant market. Taking advantage of the monopolistic competition, bussinesses can set barriers, requirements, and illegal trading conditions to profit.

As the market become more sophisticated, antitrust regulations have grown in number and complexity. DHLaw understands the difficulties faced by companies in dealing with competition law compliance, as they jungle between the convergence of commercial strategies, economics and the laws.

Therefore, DHLaw offers to customers the best of services in the field of antitrust competition including:

  • Legal consultancy on acts of restraint of trade competition and unfair competition;
  • Legal consultancy on mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures…;
  • Counseling complaints against illegal competitive behaviors;
  • Consult and carry out procedures for resolving competition cases at the Vietnam Competition Authority.


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